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Land O'Lakes remote work programs provide opportunities to farmer-members and students

Our member-owners are no stranger to challenging times. In recent years, farmers and ag retailers have faced market turmoil, trade disruptions and weather disasters. Today, the strain that COVID-19 has had on the food system emphasizes the need to rally on behalf of rural communities, to improve health care, internet connectivity and overall competitive edge -- in the digital age.
Through it all, we’re working across federal and state levels to address members’ needs and identify workable solutions. We also work each day to build tighter connections between consumers and farmers, and create value-added insights, products and services from farmer to fork.
One way we’re building those tighter connections, along with a supplemental income, is through two remote-based work programs. One program connects our members with additional income amid uncertain times and another places youth in cities in roles that support farmers across the country. 
Watch below for more information about these innovative programs: 


Supplemental Work Opportunity Program (SWOP)

Why outsource technology jobs when farmers are searching for ways to earn additional income? Through SWOP, co-op members receive the tools and training needed to perform various roles in web-based technology. From coding to database management and technical support, these farmers gain the skills they need for a remote working world. They get to choose their hours and schedule, allowing them the flexibility to work from home when they elect and the confidence in one stream of supplemental income.
Participants in the program appreciate knowing their work -- on and off the farm -- supports the greater co-op mission.

Genesys Works

The Genysys Works program helps identify high school students in cities across America who may not otherwise have opportunities to connect to the co-op mission. As interns, these students work side-by-side -- virtually -- with SWOP team members, supporting technology needs for members. The program also engages Land O’Lakes employees as mentors for the student interns.