A Family Of Famers Together In A Barn

Farmers drive our strength

Dairy Month 2021 means celebrating the farmers whose milk makes our products

As a farmer-owned cooperative, the success of dairy farmers is foundational to the success of our business. Especially during National Dairy Month, we reflect on the generations of hard work that makes our dairy products what they are today. We honor our past successes and demonstrations of fortitude. And we look forward to celebrating farmers for years to come.

Where we’ve been

The world has been on a rollercoaster ride for the past 15 months and counting. Along with it, dairy farmers have seen supply and demand swings, volatility and personal challenges. Through it all, the dairy industry found a way, through shifting dynamics at the farm gate, in processing facilities and along every step of the supply chain. Working in overdrive, our dairy and ag community helped keep the country fed during a time that can only be described as unprecedented.
The pandemic also re-introduced consumers to more home-cooking and baking projects, which resulted in greater demand for our products, and we have some innovative new products for consumers to try!

Farmers On The Farm

Where we’re going

We recognize that many consumers, especially today, are interested and invested in knowing more about where their food comes from and how it was produced. That’s why Land O’Lakes is pleased to announce our Dairy 2025 Sustainability Commitment, which will keep our dairy farmer members at the forefront of animal care and establish sustainability benchmarks that will help guide measurable improvements.
In addition to this commitment to measurement, establishing base lines and continuous improvement, we are currently working on several projects with customers to drive more immediate results. For example, with Bel Brands, we started a project to increase the use of cover crops and other sustainable agricultural practices among our member-owners who ship milk to Bel Brands’ facilities. We are also working with The Hershey Company and The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay to implement best practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and other regional watersheds. For us, these partnerships affirm that on-farm sustainability isn’t just about writing goals, it’s about doing the work.
Please join us in celebrating dairy farmers this month, and all year long. Be sure to check out our video about our commitment to on-farm sustainability, and follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for stories about the strength of dairy, and dairy farmers, all month long.