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The new butter emoji: A definitive list of best uses

Nearly 100 years ago Land O’Lakes sold the first butter stick. And finally, there's a butter emoji

Nearly 100 years ago Land O’Lakes sold the first butter stick. Can you believe it’s 2019 and we finally got a butter emoji?
[Read the whole backstory here.]
Here's some guidance on how to use the newest (and quite possibly best tasting) emoji -- but remember, you need to download the latest iOS or Android update first:

Telling a loved one just how lucky you are to have them in your life.

Some (Butter Emoji) Loves You

The old office pot-luck taunting:

Who's A (Butter Emoji) Baker

When you crush said office competition. Or really, any competition.

(Butter Emoji) Luck Next Time

When bae remembers the extra butter.

You're My (Butter Emoji) Half

When it’s time to put on the feed bag.

Enjoy Some (Butter Emoji) Tasting (Pancake Emoji)

Marrying a chef?

I (Heart Emoji) You For (Butter Emoji) Or Worse

Emotional support activities. 

Hope You Get (Butter Emoji) Soon

Tired of swiping left?

Help Me Find Some (Butter Emoji) To Love

Passive-aggressively declining all marathons, 5Ks, swift walks, etc.

You're in Much (Butter Emoji) Shape

When you’re concentrating on that thing. And they keep interrupting you.

Don't You Have Anything (Butter Emoji) To Do?

And finally, don’t forget about supporting your local farmer...or agronomist...or ag retailer.

You Keep Getting (Butter Emoji) And (Butter Emoji)