Something Greater podcast episode five: Measuring sustainability in agriculture

What sustainability looks like through Land O'Lakes, Inc. -- and how we measure its impact to the environment

A Field Of Crops

Sustainability. What exactly does that mean? It depends on who you ask. The dictionary definition: Avoiding the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. In other words, it's taking care of our planet. It's a line of work that protects the soil and water.
The economics must work, too. Lots of farmers will tell you “sustainability” simply means being able to farm next year. At Land O’Lakes, Inc. it’s not just an aspirational word. We’re doing the work and creating tools to enable our member-owners to be better stewards of their communities and the world; all while never losing focus on a strong operation for the future.
It’s why we launched Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN two years ago -- a new business that’s using tech and innovation to create farmer-led, farmer-driven solutions. 
Join host Kim Olson and Senior Vice President of Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, Matt Carstens for the latest episode of Something Greater.

Here are some excerpts from episode five:

Carstens: “We like to say barn to biogas. It’s taking the manure form the cows and converting it in to a gas that we can pipe for energy resources. We’re taking what has been a nuisance or waste and turning it in to something that has value.”
Olson: “At Land O’Lakes, we have a farmer-to-fork business. Consumers are interested in that and what to know all the way back to the farm that sustainability is a priority.”
Carstens: “The journey does not stop with farmers. There is a food supply chain, fuel, fiber and feed that we are trying to move too. We must widen our lens -- we have at Land O’Lakes. Its not just production of a commodity, its what happens downstream as well.”

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