Podcast: How we're putting more money in our members' pockets

In the latest episode of the Something Greater podcast, we explore a program offering work-from-home opportunities for our farmer-owners

Something Greater Podcast

As a farmer-owned cooperative Land O’Lakes has a vast network of farmers and families whose professional skillset exceeds their work on the farm. In a challenging farm economy, Land O’Lakes launched its Supplemental Work Opportunity Program where our farmers or their families who may have IT, accounting, or other business-related skills can be hired as part-time workers in their knowledgeable field.
Why outsource technology jobs when farmers are searching for ways to earn additional income? Through SWOP, co-op members receive the tools and training needed to perform various roles in web-based technology. From coding to database management to technical support, these farmers gain the skills they need for a remote working world.
“I will admit, I was very skeptical when I heard the CEO Beth Ford talk about this new program,” Suzanne Vold is a Land O’Lakes farmer-owner and runs a dairy farm with her family in Glenwood Minnesota. “I thought another job is the last thing I need. I have enough with my cows and my kids. But, once I got involved with it, the program gives us the extra money we are looking for and is so flexible with my schedule. It is very helpful," Vold says.
Members involved with the program get to choose their hours and schedule, allowing them the flexibility they need to run the family farm while relying on a steady income.
Join host Kim Olson and Land O’Lakes Farmer-Owners Suzanne Vold and Josie Peters on how this unique program is bringing new income opportunities to the families in our co-op network and helping to strengthen rural communities.
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