Accelerating agricultural sustainability: Land O'Lakes SUSTAIN to Truterra, LLC

The Land O'Lakes SUSTAIN team continues to drive momentum and expansion as Truterra, LLC


Launched more than three years ago, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN has served as an industry leader and catalyst for on-farm stewardship, ag tech and innovation as a business unit of Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Building on the momentum achieved in 2019, from new business partners to innovative work with NGOs, we are taking this business to the next level.
Beginning in December 2019, internal and external stakeholders will see the name and brand of Truterra, LLC, a subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc., replacing Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, as we further expand our work as a leader in agricultural sustainability.
To achieve consistency within the industry, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN service offerings and technology offerings will now be available under one brand name: Truterra.
Utilizing the Truterra name is a simple, common-sense way to amplify our sustainability offerings for our partner ag retailers and farmers -- and those outside our core network.
The first-of-its-kind platform, the Truterra Insights Engine is a leading sustainability technology and remains at the core of Truterra. We will continue to shine a bright spotlight on the Insights Engine, a truly best-in-class tool that has value from the farm gate throughout the value chain.
And as we continue to expand our work both inside and outside of the Land O’Lakes cooperative network, as well as outside the United States, Truterra better encapsulates that expansion of both our capabilities and scope.
Truterra will continue to be a leading sustainability solutions provider dedicated to providing farmers and partners customized solutions at scale that drive meaningful change acre-by-acre. We are excited for the next phase of our business to continue accelerating agricultural sustainability and on-farm stewardship.