Something Greater podcast: Without farmers and producers, there are no cookies for Santa

Celebrating the farmers -- and the farmer-to-fork journey -- behind your holiday cheese plate, buttery-rich sugar cookies and ice-cold glass of milk

An Aerial View Of Cows In A Field

Before your food winds up on your dinner table, it takes a farmer-to-fork journey. In this episode of the Something Greater podcast, we celebrate the families who produce your food and how Land O’Lakes turns it in to those iconic products, like our butter.

From the episode

Join host Kim Olson as she welcomes guests Heather Anfang, Senior Vice President of U.S. Dairy Foods and Land O’Lakes farmer-owner Lauren Evangelo to celebrate the family dairy farmers who have helped make possible our eponymous butter -- and so much more -- for our cooperative’s nearly 100-year history.
“We farm with our family every single day. I think the average person is 3-generations removed from the farm so, people don’t really understand where their food comes from. I mean, you go to the grocery store and milk is there.  Butter is there. So much happens before that. Land O’Lakes helps tell our story. Consumers are hopefully able to understand there is a family farm behind each product.”
-- Lauren Evangelo, and Land O’Lakes farmer-owner
“We are inextricably linked to these families. It’s a terrific and unique partnership as a cooperative. That milk from their farms goes right into our plants and it goes right into a LAND O’LAKES package. As a cooperative, they are our bosses of the Dairy Foods team and our number one supplier.”
-- Heather Anfang, Senior Vice President of U.S. Dairy Foods

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