Something Greater podcast episode three: All Together Better

Hear Land O'Lakes President of Dairy Foods Chris Roberts and Chief Marketing Officer Tim Scott talk new marketing efforts

Land O

When 320 dairy farmers founded our cooperative nearly 100 years ago, the aim was to solve specific problems: Everything from butter’s high transportation cost to market access to quality control. There was also a lack of focused marketing to drive sales.
What a difference a near-century makes.
Our latest Dairy Foods marketing campaign (launched in late 2018) is All Together Better. Simply put, this is our belief that we’re better when we work together. Our cooperative system and our farmer-owners are central to this message. When we rewrote one of the most iconic songs in farming, Old McDonald, we included our members in the process every step of the way – in the song, the music video and the commercials to follow.

On this episode of Something Greater we break down Land O’Lakes marketing efforts, the state of the Dairy Foods business and dive into our member base program, which creates more structure in our milksheds and balances production with processing and market realities.

Here are some excerpts from the episode:
Roberts: “The challenge and opportunity for us is really to be balanced in that we are providing great consumption opportunities for our boomer generation. We’re also finding great ways to engage and entice new consumers.”
Scott: “She-I-O allowed us to reach millions and millions of people. We wanted to tell a story about ourselves that people did not know -- being owned by farmers.”
Roberts: “The milk supply is beyond current demand levels. The base program allows us to maximize the value of our members production. It also gives us a more accurate picture of our supply.”
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