Before modern cars, radio and television there was Purina

How we’re celebrating 125 years and looking ahead

Red Square White Background With 125 In Square

With the average lifespan of an S&P 500 Index organization being 15 years, it is an especially rare moment when a company reaches the 100-year mark.
For the Purina brand; we’ve made it to a whopping 125 years.
It takes resilience, focus and a willingness to adapt and improve to keep the doors open that long. That is exactly what we have done.
While inconceivable for human lifespans, theoretically, how would you celebrate your 125th birthday?
Would you spend it reminiscing over the past, looking back at all your accomplishments and successes? Or would you create a bucket list to work toward in the future? Within our Purina business, we’re going big and doing both.

Introducing Square 125

Purina is founded on the belief that through nutritional innovation, we can foster excellence in animals and inspire a sense of pride in the people who care for them. As Purina celebrates this milestone, we are spotlighting what it takes to consistently achieve greatness and the past that has led us here.
One of the ways we are doing this is through the Square 125 Initiative, a platform to challenge conventions and showcase innovations that extend beyond new product launches, showcasing our leadership in the industry.
“In the last 125 years, we have never settled for the status quo,” says Dave Hoogmoed, EVP and President, Animal Nutrition. “We have always strived to challenge norms and improve on our products consistently for the betterment of animals, the environment and the customers we serve. We are excited to celebrate this momentous milestone of 125 years of the Purina brand, and we’re doing this by honoring our past while simultaneously looking toward the future.”  
The Square 125 Initiative will give Purina a space to actively challenge anything from animal performance to sustainability. Projects that live under the program will allow for big thinking solutions and will address industry challenges or cultural trends increasing awareness of Purina as a leading innovation company with audiences broader than current animal owners.
Dave explains, “Square 125 is built off our three-year Innovation Roadmaps and Front-End Innovation work, by focusing on projects, products and campaigns around animal performance and productivity, health and immunity and the evolving customer. Anything that comes out of Square 125 will be a direct reflection of our business goal to ignite growth.”  

Celebrating the past, winning in the present, building for the future

The Square 125 Initiative supports innovative strategies that revolve around leveraging the past, supporting the present and pushing towards the future.
We will see multiple tactics that revolve around this concept – that may come in the form of a media story, a new or enhanced product, or even a special program and promotion. Here are just a few sneak peeks of things to watch for in 2019. (Watch for more updates and stories around Square 125).
  • Horse – Challenging an outdated metric that is horsepower - and demonstrating the full equine potential of today, and the nutritional programs that drive better performance

  • Ammonia in swine waste – How we’re helping customers solve the ammonia challenge (too much of the chemical can affect the soil in negative ways) in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way through the EcoCare® feed products

  • Cattle and Dairy Nutrition – Using technology to help tackle animal management and develop better nutrition programs to tackle immunity and recovery

  • Sustainability through managing bag waste – An innovative solution to reuse used feed bags to reduce our footprint in partnership with our retailers

In addition, Purina will be reaching out to members and customers to crowdsource questions and ideas that will help solve even more issues and address real-time industry challenges.
As Purina further celebrates it’s 125th anniversary, we will also be celebrating in additional ways:

  • Launching an Anniversary Collection on the e-store with unique branded 125th apparel and in-store signage and graphics (available for employees and customers)

  • Curation and celebration of Purina Pride on social, our website and internally

Watch for more information on how you can get involved and help Purina celebrate being 125 years young!