Diversify your income

We're connecting farmers to freelance and contract opportunities via the gig economy

Land O

In December, Land O’Lakes, Inc. introduced it was launching a series of innovative projects that help relay our view of the marketplace and the learning we’ve gained as we’ve grown with our members who may want to connect with economic opportunities in their areas.

We’re helping connect farmers to freelance and contract opportunities – via the gig economy – through our own businesses and with external vendors. Our first contract worker opportunity is through Advantage Solutions, an organization that provides manufacturers and retailers with sales and marketing solutions.

Advantage will provide training, has both full and part time positions available in member communities, and is looking to hire immediately. Take advantage of this exciting new opportunity to earn supplemental income by applying today here.

Before the holidays we hosted a series of webinars where members had the chance to learn more about the gig economy, hear directly from representatives of Advantage and learn more about future opportunities. Watch the full recording below.


This is just the first of many opportunities we hope to make available to our membership. Keep an eye out for additional contract opportunities and other training offerings in the weeks and months ahead.