Something Greater podcast episode two: Pete Kappelman

Outgoing Land O’Lakes board chairman Pete Kappelman looks ahead to the future of farming in the second episode of Something Greater podcast

Pete Kappelman On The Farm

After a 15-year run as the chairman of the Land O’Lakes, Inc. board of directors Pete Kappelman is stepping away from his duties. In addition to his board experience, he’s been a dairy farmer his entire life. He still farms his 1,100-acres in Manitowoc, Wis. along with his 465 dairy cows.

Pete’s father (also a dairy farmer), was a 26-year member of the Lake-to-Lake Co-op board -- which eventually merged with Land O’Lakes, Inc.

“My dad kept asking about getting involved," says Kappelman in the podcast. But his dad was a local elected representative at the time. "I said, 'I would like to get involved with Land O’Lakes, but I told him I would have to run against [him].'" 

Join Pete and host Kim Olson for the second episode of Something Greater as they talk about his involvement as a member-owner and a leader; and, the role he sees Land O’Lakes playing in the future of agricultural innovation.

Excerpts from the episode:

Kappelman: “Farmers don’t think of themselves as providing this noble service to our country. And it really is.” 

Olson: “We are co-op proud. Talk to me about that model. Why is it powerful?”

Kappelman: “None of us is as smart as all of us. There is a benefit to working together. We can accomplish more together than individually we ever could. We have shared governance over an industry that is essential to the existence of humankind.”

Olson: “You have championed ways to get our younger members more equipped for deeper engagement. Talk about those leader development programs.”

Kappelman: “If you are at all interested to be more engaged you have to say yes. I think its valuable for people to see the opportunity, may I say even obligation, to learn and grow and lead.”

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