Listen: How we're supporting global agriculture (and why it's great for the American farmer)

In the latest episode of the Something Greater podcast, hear about Land O'Lakes Venture37's agricultural development work around the world

A Green Plant

Building well-connected, strong agricultural markets around the world is critical for global food security and creating strong economies. Land O’Lakes Venture37 does just that -- and as a cooperative, Land O'Lakes, Inc. is all about farmers helping farmers -- wherever they are.
Its work is in the name, as 37 percent of our Earth's land is used for agriculture, a figure that really hasn't changed throughout history. The venture? Working across continents, cultures and markets to help farmers and communities realize their full potential. And all while sustaining the health of our soil, water and air.
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Land O’Lakes Venture37 helps connect farmers to new markets through locally-led agricultural development ventures, all while leveraging the expertise, talent and innovation of Land O’Lakes, Inc. Join host Kim Olson and guest Dai Harvey, who is Venture37’s Regional Program Director based in Africa and hear how Venture37 is strengthening ag economies across the globe and improving food security -- which in turn helps the American farmer.
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