[Watch] Where Goodness Grows episode 4: Farmers’ innovative tech and uncommon recipes

Learn the unexpected in this video, then spread the word to donate to Feeding America

photo of Katie Dotterer-Pyle hugging her cow, Snickerdoodle

Where Goodness Grows is a six-part digital video series designed to connect everyday people with the farmers who are so critical to delivering the food they enjoy.

Episode 4: Farmers’ Innovative Tech and Uncommon Recipes

At Cow Comfort Inn in Maryland, Katie Dotterer-Pyle uses smart technology on her farm. In the latest installment of the Where Goodness Grows Episode, we’ll get her insider perspective on tech like the wearable activity monitors her cows wear so she can track their fitness and attend to their health. (We’ll also meet Comfort Inn super cow Snickerdoodle!)
Then, hear from Steve Meissner of Hickory Hill Farms about his family’s famous Frosted Homemade Crescent Rolls, or butterhorns, a recipe from his grandma.

What makes it so special — and one of host Amy Brown’s favorite — is that when you share it on social, Land O’Lakes will donate a pound of macaroni and cheese, up to 100,000 pounds, to Feeding America. So spread the word to help those in need!
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