[Watch] Where Goodness Grows episode 5: Test yourself with sustainability trivia

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How many homes can be powered with the manure from Land O’Lakes member-owners’ farms? That’s for you to guess when you test your dairy sustainability IQ in the latest episode of Where Goodness Grows. In the episode, you’ll also meet farmer-owner Karl Funk, who has hosted more than 60 students of veterinary medicine. Together, they exchange ideas and help each other learn about best practices in cow comfort and sustainability.
Finally, instead of a recipe in this episode, hear Amy’s review of takeout from Nashville restaurant Edley’s, a locally prized barbeque joint that loves using Land O’Lakes products.

Check it all out in the video below, and remember, when you share the episode on social media, Land O’Lakes will donate a pound of macaroni and cheese, up to 100,000 pounds, to Feeding America. Find this episode on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.