Dairy pitch event participants announced

Selected solution to be piloted on Land O’Lakes member dairy farm with up to $200,000 in support from Mars Wrigley

Dairy Calf In A Field

Four participants have been selected to participate in ‘Empower Possibilities,’ a new pitch event to accelerate on-farm dairy sustainability in partnership with Mars Wrigley. These selected participants will present their technologies to an audience of Land O’Lakes Elected Leaders and industry experts on August 7 at the Land O’Lakes Mid-Year Meeting.
The companies invited to the pitch event will receive input, coaching and advice from dairy and ag tech leaders to help bring their products and services to scale on the farm. With support from Mars Wrigley, up to $200,000 in funding is available to implement one of the selected solutions on a Land O’Lakes member dairy farm, elevating efforts to apply the promising new product or service at greater scale. 
Here are descriptions of the selected participants:

BioFiltro and Organix – Biological manure treatment

BioFiltro's patented wastewater treatment system is powered by hungry earthworms and microbes which remove suspended solids and organic nitrogen from liquid manure. The process reduces greenhouse gas emissions and produces worm castings, a valuable nutrient-rich soil amendment. BioFiltro is working with Organix, Inc., an organic residuals management company on this effort.

Blue Ocean Barns – Greenhouse gas-inhibiting feed additive

Blue Ocean Barns markets a cattle feed additive produced from seaweed, aiding in the elimination of digestive methane emissions. Their product contains naturally occurring compounds in seaweed that reduce the production of methane in the rumen when fed to cattle in small daily amounts.

Livestock Water Recycling – Water treatment system

Livestock Water Recycling began as a waste recovery service and transformed into a manure treatment technology company. The LWR system segregates and concentrates manure nutrients into two valuable fertilizer products, while recycling clean water for reuse or consumption. This modern approach to manure management results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased crop yields, and improved milk quality.

Beyond The Dome – Water treatment system

Beyond The Dome is a water treatment company. Their technology degrades the organic material in liquid manure streams to produce drinking-quality water for reuse, while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating methane production from anaerobic liquid storage ponds.