Innovating with animal nutrition: The problems worth solving

In the latest episode of our podcast Something Greater, we explore how ideas come to life at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center

Muddy Boots Lined Up At The Purina Animal Nutrition Research Center

In the final episode of the first season of Something Greater, our experts speak to what innovation means in animal nutrition. Innovative solutions are not reserved for the tech companies of the world -- or always for headline grabbing work. Sometimes innovation happens at the microscopic level when creating a healthy and more productive diet for animals.
The Purina Animal Nutrition Center is a 1200-acre working farm in Gray Summit Missouri. It’s a hub for testing and proving the animal nutrition solutions that Purina brings to market. This episode is a unique window into how ideas come to life and can ultimately become new products.
And it’s a big year for Purina as it commemorates its 125th anniversary -- not just by celebrating the past but also looking ahead. The proof? Fifteen new product launches this year. 
Join host Kim Olson and special guests Dr. Cindie Luhman, Vice President of Research and Development as well as President of Purina Animal Nutrition, Dave Hoogmoed.

Here are some excerpts from episode eight:

Luhman: “It’s an exciting place to work. The farm gives us the opportunity to go clear from, very cellular level science, all the way through feeding the animal, packaging the feed, manufacturing the feed, making sure the animal will eat what you manufacture. This place, let’s us prove all of it.”

Hoogmoed: “Technology is a constant race, well so is our space. So, advancements get diminished over time because others catch up and we have competitions catch different types of research. So, from my perspective innovation has to constantly stay ahead of the curve and be ready for tomorrow.”
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