Supplemental work opportunities program off to a great start

Survey included: Land O’Lakes is looking for more opportunities to connect farmers to freelance and contract opportunities

Land O

The last few years have been challenging for farmers and ag retailers. As a farmer and retail-owned cooperative, Land O’Lakes is deeply concerned about the economic challenges our owners face and is committed to providing support as we navigate this challenging time together.
In December, we introduced a series of innovative projects in an effort to help our members who may want to connect with supplemental work opportunities in their area. Land O’Lakes used the feedback we received from the project introduction in December to help develop the Supplemental Work Opportunities Program (SWOP).

Expanding the Program. Take the survey here

As we look to expand this program and offer new opportunities to dairy and ag retail members, we need to appropriately gauge interest among our membership. Please help us by completing a brief survey letting us know if you’re interested in participating in potential future opportunities.

Piloting SWOP

In the most recent phase of the project, eight members are participating in a pilot of SWOP with York Solutions and Land O’Lakes where they are working part-time at home completing technology projects on behalf of the Land O’Lakes IT organization. The pilot participants received training from York Solutions, which has expertise in training individuals without prior IT experience for roles in IT.

SWOP Pilot Participants

Brianne Klingsporn is one of the dairy members participating in the pilot program. Brianne works on her family’s 180 cow dairy. After having children, Brianne needed to stay at home to care for the children and help on the farm. Unable to work off-site, Brianne works part-time as an IT Analyst through the SWOP program. Through this program, Brianne can work at her own convenience throughout the day, completing tasks such as entering data for website set-up and email marketing.
“The program has given us the opportunity for me to work from home and have another income for our family. Especially in this economy, this extra income is amazing. I am so grateful and blessed for this program,” Brianne says. “I would encourage it, especially if it is a good fit for you and your family. This is such an amazing thing that Land O’Lakes is doing to provide for their patrons.”