COVID-19 and the food supply: How we're keeping stores stocked in a pandemic

In the latest episode of the Something Greater podcast, we're tackling manufacturing and the supply chain

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We are still amid a pandemic; COVID-19 has affected all of us in many ways. Personally, professionally, the way we interact in our communities and how we conduct our daily lives. Amid all this, the term 'essential' is taking on a new meaning.
Food is essential for our survival. And that means Land O’Lakes, Inc. -- part of the food industry deemed an "essential service" by the federal government -- found a way to operate safely as COVID-19 gripped the nation and busineses started to close their doors in the name of public health.
The bottom line is this: The food supply is safe, but distribution and balancing public health concerns while continuing to operate a business is a challenge. Through it all, our farmer-owners are still producing milk, our plants are still running to produce food and trucks are still on the highways to ensure that food arrives at your local store.
Join podcast host Kim Olson and guests Brad Truel, the Senior Director of Manufacturing at Land O’Lakes and Mark Short, Vice President of Supply Chain Operations at Land O’Lakes, as they talk about adapting to a "new normal" and running a business in the most unusual of times.


Excerpts from the episode

Brad Truel: “With a national pandemic, something that none of us has ever lived through it just affected everybody.”
Mark Short: “Everybody is in it for one goal and one goal only. It’s just to keep our food supply going. Really, its also that pride in working for the famer and being able to bring their product to market. The amount of people that have really gone above and beyond to look for the greater good has been unprecedented.”
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