DeLaval and Land O'Lakes partnership announcement

Land O’Lakes, Inc. has teamed up with DeLaval to help member-owners transition to robotic milking

Land O

Robotic milking is an important technology option for dairying but this transition takes time, effort and investment. Making the transition to robotic milking systems is a significant decision and change in operations.
Land O’Lakes also knows that installation is just the beginning of ensuring a smooth-running operation. That’s why we’ve teamed up with DeLaval to provide Land O’Lakes, Inc. member-owners a special program with flexibility to save on the cost of the robots or the cost of first-year consumables and preventative maintenance kits required for on-going success of the operation.
Land O’Lakes and DeLaval are expanding and refreshing their previous partnership to support member-owners who are transitioning to robotic milking systems. The new offer builds on a pilot program DeLaval and Land O’Lakes launched in 2019 for California member-owners.

What is the special member program?

Land O’Lakes members who purchase a VMS V300 milking system and enter the four-year DeLaval InServiceTM All-Inclusive contract have two options: they can either elect to receive a $10,000 discount to the price of each robot or receive $10,000 for the first year of supplies and maintenance items.
The supplies and maintenance items can include camera cleaner, teat dip, teat cleaner, CIP chemicals, milk filters, and preventive maintenance kits.

Interested in learning more?

Member-owners interested in learning more about this offer should contact their local DeLaval Dealer directly and also reach out to your Dairy Business Advisor or

Considering the change to robots but not sure what is next for your farm?

Dairy Enterprise Services can help you answer that question with an eye on the financials. Putting together a general business plan can help determine whether robots--or any other project--may be a good fit for your operation. For more information on these fee-based consulting offerings, read more about Dairy Enterprise Services (discounted for Members) here or reach out directly to Greg Squires at