Track our Advanced Acre Rx Trials all season long

WinField United's innovative Acre Rx prescription program offers confidence and additional control over your fields

Alfalfa field

At WinField United, we work hand in hand with our retail-owners to deliver programs and tools that help farmers better respond to the mounting challenges they face, especially when it came to managing risk and generating more predictable outcomes.
The WinField® United Advanced Acre® Rx prescription program is an agronomic prescription service built around how and where you farm – it can be a full season prescription plan, a total acre solution, or a targeted prescription program for a high impact agronomic decision. All options in the Advanced Acre Rx program include an agronomic plan; including products and ag technology recommendations, with a service warranty for performance.

This season we are putting the Advanced Acre® Rx prescription program to the test – the Answer Plot® test.  Here you can follow the developments from the trial all season long.  Check back for more updates.