[Watch] Where Goodness Grows episode 6: Virtual farm tour & cheesy mac ’n’ cheese

Get an up-close view of real cow comfort and share on social media to donate to Feeding America

Cow standing in a field

Ar-Joy Farm in Cochranville, Pa., uses a free-stall barn and a machine called a “methane digester” to boost cow comfort and environmental sustainability. In this episode of Where Goodness Grows, Land O’Lakes farmer-owners Marilyn and Duane Hershey give a virtual tour of their dairy farm.  
Watch four-month-old calves socialize. See how a clever barn design gives their cows the freedom to lie down, drink and eat whenever they feel like it. And marvel at how they turn cow manure into electricity to power their farm and other homes and businesses in the area. Then, check out the recipe for one of Amy’s favorite comfort foods: Alabama Mac ’n’ Cheese Yo! 

Don’t forget to share the episode on social media. When you do, Land O’Lakes will donate a pound of macaroni and cheese, up to 100,000 pounds, to Feeding America. Watch the episode here, or find it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.