Something Greater podcast bonus episode: The co-op soul

Our 2019 Annual Meeting was one of our most successful -- hear directly from CEO Beth Ford and member-owners at the meeting

Aerial View Of A Field Being Harvested

The fact Land O'Lakes is a farmer-owned cooperative surprises many -- and few events display the strength we derive from that model more than our Annual Meeting. This year was the 98th time our members gathered in Minneapolis, Minn. to learn about the businesses and conduct annual governance activities -- including electing new leadership. And for this year’s gathering we did some new things, including the Annual Meeting Expo Hall, which featured roughly 20 exhibitors. From Purina feed solutions to agTech and e-commerce to the cooperative health plan -- the power of our coooperative was on full display.
We also had the chance to sit down with several of our member-owners and chat with them about their operation, what they’re seeing in the current market and what being a part of Land O’Lakes means to them.
This was also the first Annual Meeting for Beth Ford as President and CEO of the cooperative, and her keynote address spoke to the industry disruption we face and the innovation required to seize the opportunities. 

What our member-owners said

"I value Land O’Lakes as a company that is very diverse. It’s not just where we are selling milk to -- its products to feed our cows. The health insurance they provide is something we have also taken advantage of."
--Steven Landwher, member since 2005
"Being part of this cooperative has helped me be a better member of our community. So, it’s done something greater for our community. The cooperative system gives members a voice in the direction of the business and believe in the betterment of all members.”
--Sadie Frericks, member since 2007
"Milk prices are dismal right now to say the least. Everything I am hearing though in the countryside is that Land O’Lakes producers are getting a little better price that some others. It’s a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel for us."
--Chris Sukalski, member for more than 20 years.
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