Celebrating our cooperative’s first 99 years, and traveling the road to 100

Read more about our 2019 year-in-review in our Annual Report  

The Roof Of A Barn With A Windvane

Last week, Land O’Lakes, Inc’ held its 99th Annual Business Meeting in Minneapolis. Co-op members learned about industry trends, new innovations and business opportunities.
Attendees learned how we are putting to practice our commitment to achieving a prosperous shared destiny by working to advance rural communities across the nation.
We do this by building tighter connections between consumers and farmers, and creating value-added insights, products and services from farmer to fork.
We believe we have only scratched the surface of how powerful our cooperative system can be—from lifting up rural communities and connecting with consumers to pioneering, scaling and delivering new technologies directly to the farmgate.
As we travel the road to our 100th anniversary, we’ll share the journey together, overcoming challenges and capitalizing on opportunities to serve our noble purpose—just as we have for our cooperative’s first 99 years. 
As a farmer- and retail-owned cooperative, we know our primary focus is always supporting our member-owners.
To learn more about how we accomplish this, read the 2019 Annual Report here.