Evolve platform arms owners with digital muscle of an e-commerce giant

Streamlined system aims to help meet the expectations of tomorrow’s grower 

Man using iPad in field

As you have probably noticed recently, e-commerce is on the rise, and sheltering-in-place has only accelerated the trend. In fact, this August, e-commerce was predicted to grow 20% in 2020. We have all come to expect reliable e-commerce solutions — in every industry. When it comes to agriculture, WinField United has a past and present of investing in the digital tools and systems that help the retailer grow into the future.

Tom Ryan, vice president of business operations and retail alliances at WinField United, says that once consumers have a taste of the convenience that comes with a more virtual world, it will become a standard they won’t shake. 

“People are used to ordering online, then watching the confirmations and tracking the order through all different stages, until it shows up at your door. Once you experience online tracking once or twice, you’ll come back for it every time,” says Ryan, “For us to assume the ag industry won’t assimilate to the way the rest of the world works, that’s a danger. Why wouldn’t we try to be best in class and take agriculture to the next level with the same or a similar type of experience?”   

Last year, WinField United introduced a new, redesigned Evolve ordering platform that provides retail customers with a streamlined product ordering process. Evolve provides a customer-friendly platform, allows users access to seed and crop protection products on the same application, and offers comprehensive visibility of online orders along with their status and shipment tracking information. 

The latest wave of enhancements will allow retailers to unlock the full portfolio of WinField United in one portal. Users will be able to track their shipments more easily from order to invoicing. And, they can access and manage a new, tailored price list function.  

“Historically, we used to publish price lists weekly. Now you can find your price list, based on your location and your negotiated rate,” said Ryan. “You’ve heard of MSRP? This is MSR-me.” 

The updates offer a level of convenience that people everywhere have come to expect, but the benefits don’t end there. WinField United hopes and expects the Evolve platform will unlock optimization for growers across the supply chain, with an integrated network of capturing demand through digital tools, so retailers can convert that demand into an order.  

Ultimately, WinField United believes that providing the enhanced Evolve experience to retailers is fundamental to helping retailers provide a strong, integrated digital experience to their growers. Plus, the tool will only improve with greater adoption so Ryan encourages owners to get started today and share their feedback. 

“Pardon the pun, but it’s going to continue to evolve,” added Ryan, “I owe a lot to my team who supported the Evolve platform. They embrace a culture of accountability and are unwavering in their commitment to delivering the best customer experience possible. We won’t ever stop improving. By leveraging data, analytics and retailers’ feedback, we can implement changes that shore up the basics and drive transformational improvements for our entire network.”  

If you have questions about Evolve or need help getting started, please contact WinField United Customer Service at 855-494 6343 or winfieldcustomerservice@landolakes.com