Cooperative strength with national scale (and local impact)

This is how Land O'Lakes' co-op model provides unique value few others can

Grain Elevators Against A Blue Sky

The cooperative. You see them in your own communities, everything from grocery stores to grain elevators to rural power companies. They are everywhere. And they are the exception, not the rule. They are unique in the sense -- it's a business model owned and guided by members and at the benefit of members.
Land O’Lakes remains a cooperative after nearly 100 years since its founding -- we're proud of that. Farmers still help make decisions about the direction of the company and hold leadership accountable. That model also presents a unique advantage. In our WinField United business -- a company that makes sure millions of acres of crops have the best possible outputs -- the cooperative is our strength.
Join host Kim Olson along with President of Winfield United and Executive Vice President of Land O’Lakes, Inc. Brett Bruggeman for the latest episode of Something Greater.

Here are some excerpts from episode six:

Bruggeman: “We talk about stretching every acre, making sure every acre -- whether it’s a kernel of corn or gallon or product, how do we get the most of out of that acre. When we talk about advancing agriculture intelligently, we’re talking about reducing input dollars per bushel, or increasing the predictably on yields.”
Bruggeman: “We have more than one thousand locally owned and operated retailers. They are entrepreneurs, that’s who they are. In reverse ownership, our cooperative model -- instead of Land O’Lakes owning retail, retail owns us. That’s what I mean when I say reverse ownership. It’s part of what makes our network so strong.”
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