Watch: Farmers of the future

One Land O'Lakes member reflects on recruiting agriculture's next generation


Tyler Ribeiro’s family has been dairy farming in Tulare, California, for more than 100 years, teaching each next generation how to care for animals and for the land. Tyler wants to spread agriculture education beyond his family operation, saying “the more we take stock in the younger generation, the brighter our future will be.”
That’s why he works with ACE, Ag Career Exploration, an initiative of the Holstein Association’s Young Dairy Leaders Institute. ACE events are focused on getting high school students in front of a diversity of ag careers.
Tyler has a message for young people: “You can have a job doing things you love with the community you fell in love with in the beginning.”
And he’s encouraged by the impact the program can have on the future. “The role of the farmer has always been to take care of your animals and the land so you can pass it on to the next generation. We just have to change how we share what we’re doing."