Innovative agronomy needs dependable delivery

Greenbelt Transportation plays a critical role in supply chain efficiency

Greenbelt Transportation Award Winners

Picture above: Award winners Ben Mathis (Left) and Seth Lamasters (Right). Combined they have a 23 years’ experience at Greenbelt and have been responsible for much of the maintenance.

At Land O’Lakes, agronomic excellence is an all-encompassing term that includes insights and placement, but also every step of the way in the supply chain. Without operational excellence that ensures timely delivery; the data, tools and innovations WinField United takes pride in providing would never make it to our retail-owners or the farmers they serve.

Providing best in class transportation is a key factor for a successful business. “We have that top down buy in from everyone. If there is someone in between that does not take the goals seriously it doesn’t work,” says Randy Hanson, Operations Director at Greenbelt Transport in Eldora, Iowa.

Greenbelt Transportation is a Land O’Lakes, Inc. owned and operated fleet service that plays a critical role in supply chain efficiency and the overall customer experience. The operation services WinField United and other ag customers across the country with 127 tankers and 35 van trailers in the fleet. In total the operation runs about 47 million gallons of product nationwide and to Canada, and logs about 1 million miles per month in travel.

Making sure the trucks are safe and running properly through diligent service and maintenance is something that is taken very seriously throughout the Greenbelt team, and especially within the maintenance shop team.

“We inspect our trucks top to bottom every 90 to 120 days,” says Gary Sams, Service Center Manager at Greenbelt. “Some in the industry might think that’s a little overkill but the key to our success is to make sure you’re on top of or in front of issues rather than simply reacting to what pops up.”

Compliance with transportation regulations, safety specs and general maintenance is all part of the gig. It’s a big job when a key element to the shop and WinField United’s success is responsive service. The goal is to deliver products the same day or by the next morning if orders are received by noon. “That doesn’t happen unless there is that commitment to maintenance,” says Sams.

The Iowa Motor Truck Association, which boasts membership in upwards of 700, recognized Greenbelt and Gary Sams for its record in keeping the trucks safe and on the road. The 2018 Fleet Maintenance Operation of The Year and Maintenance Professional Award was unexpected but not surprising to Randy Hanson and Gary Sams. “We didn’t go looking for recognition,” says Sams.

It’s made even more special because fleet teams must be nominated by external partners.

“I am very proud of the team,” Sams says. “For a group that works really hard in making sure the product gets to our customers, its well deserved.” The IMTA called each award an example of “Setting the standard within the trucking industry when it comes to maintenance.”

It’s only through this type of efficiency and dedication that provides the necessary foundation to deliver our unmatched tools, data and agronomic insights to support our entire system.