Land O'Lakes and member-owners featured on 60 Minutes

Segment included Dotterer Dairy, Rib-Arrow Dairy and Estrem Farms with input from CFS

A Tractor In A Farm Field

Sunday evening, CBS’ 60 Minutes featured Land O’Lakes and several of our member-owners, including Estrem Farms, Dotterer Dairy and Rib-Arrow Dairy with input from CFS (Central Farm Service), in a segment on the farm economy and life in rural America. We know these issues are important to our member-owners and their families, so we are proud to share the clip, which we at Land O’Lakes were pleased to see captures the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of America’s farmers.

You can find a link to the story here.

Despite uncertainty, economic headwinds and a difficult growing season across much of the United States, Land O’Lakes and our member-owners continue to find and implement new, innovative ways to keep their operations thriving and meet the challenge of feeding a growing global population in a sustainable way.
As Land O’Lakes President and CEO Beth Ford said in the piece, “This is why I admire our members and feel connected. They are willing to do the hard work and I think that’s terrific.”
Land O’Lakes is proud to advocate on our member-owners’ behalf every day.