Raising the next generation of stewards

In the field and at home, Land O'Lakes member-owner Tara Meyer works hard to model conscientious caretaking

Tara Meyer Feeding Dairy Cows

Like many women today, dairy farmer Tara Meyer balances the duties of motherhood with a full-time career. For her, that involves caring for her calves and heifers as well as her own children and the 550 acres of land her family cultivates. Everything the Meyers produce in the field stays on the farm and ends up as feed for their livestock, so the Meyers can ensure the quality of their herd’s diet and provide high-quality milk for people.
The Meyers children work with the animals too. “The kids know that we have things that depend on us,” says Meyer. She believes the jobs her children do on the farm contribute to a sense of responsibility for the land.
“Everything we do every single day is really looking out for the kids and [their] generations,” says Meyer. Meyer and her family show chef and culinary farmer Courtney Guerra around their farm in Sauk Centre, Minnesota -- including their many farm and family tasks that help raise healthy generations.
Watch the video here.
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