Connecting farmers to freelance

Pilot program helps farming families earn additional income while balancing work and life

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Breezy Kingsporn’s sister is jealous of her job. It could be because while Breezy works up to 40 hours a week in IT and balances responsibilities of farm and family with her husband at Kingsporn Farms in Minnesota, she has the flexibility to choose when, where and how often she clocks in.
Breezy is one participant in Land O’Lakes’ Supplemental Work Opportunities Program (SWOP), a program helping members connect with extra work opportunities in their area. In the project’s recent pilot phase, eight members received IT training from York Solutions, which has expertise in training individuals without prior IT experience.

Breezy completed the training in a week, then immediately joined a supportive remote team. Not all participants in the program choose to work 40 hours, but self-proclaimed workaholic Breezy does. It helps that she can take breaks to make lunch and address other family or farming priorities. In fact, the flexibility of her new job even allowed her to start earning supplemental income just two weeks after her second child was born.
Perks of working remotely aside, Breezy loves what she does. She’s gained the skills to help solve technical problems for fellow members -- like creating and updating websites for member co-ops and other retail-owners as they adopt new digital and e-business tools . So by earning extra income for herself, she’s also supporting a strategic priority of our system.
Land O’Lakes continues to try to engage members in flexible ways and is committed to providing products and services that can make a difference for members’ bottom line, for their families and our co-op community.
Hear from Breezy about her SWOP experience below, and find out more about Land O’Lakes, Inc.’s  SWOP program here.