We're developing the products, services and technology to help farmers and advance agriculture intelligently. 

  • Welcome to Honest Ag

    Our way of working is a promise. It's how we think. It's how we cut through clichés and conventions. So we can be of some real help.

Industry-leading expertise, market-leading products

WinField United helps independently owned and operated agricultural retailers compete. We do this by providing these retailers with technical know-how, proprietary tools and research-based solutions to help farmers win in the field and in the marketplace.

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It’s our responsibility to face the challenges of feeding a growing population head-on and strive for advancements in yield and efficiency.

We work with a vast network of trusted local retailers, dedicated field staff and other partners who make sure we collect the strongest data and apply it to its full potential.

Our network now offers more opportunities than ever. We will use this network to build on our strengths, expand our capabilities and improve the industry for years to come.

Our nearly 100-year-old history, relentless innovation and farmer ownership make us synonymous with the highest quality dairy products.

  • We're All Together Better

    All Together Better celebrates our farmer-owned cooperative and our belief in the value of working together for the common good.

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We're relentless in the pursuit of delicious food

Innovation, cooperation and serving our communities are the things that have kept our story alive since 1921. And there's no end in sight.

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We are driven every day to make things better. For you, for ourselves, and for the world around us.

We're a farmer-owned co-op, and we're more than 1,700 dairy farmers strong.

When it comes to giving back, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Our love of beautiful, healthy and productive animals drives everything we do. 

  • Square 125

    Square 125 is a platform designed to challenge convention and imagine the impossible -- both inside the world of nutrition and out. 

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An animals' full potential, nothing less

Our ideas have revolutionized the way animals are fed. Over the years, we’ve discovered 235 nutritional solutions for animals across 24 species. We have a single aim -- healthier, stronger animals that are the picture of greatness.

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Our purpose has never changed over the years. We have always been driven to unlock the greatest potential of every animal.

The force behind our quest for greatness is a talented group of Ph.D. nutritionists and veterinarians.

It's not feed. It's food. The way we see it, there’s no such thing as being too careful with animal nutrition.

We're about helping farmers get the most from the land and preserving resources for future generations.

  • Truterra + Campbell Soup Company

    By incorporating sustainable crop practices into its business, Campbell Soup Company is building resiliency and efficiency in its supply chain.

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Farmer-owned and farmer-driven

Every day, American farmers and agricultural retailers make on-farm conservation decisions that impact almost a billion acres. Our network brings together the best in agricultural technology and on-farm business management to drive sustainability across the food system, feeding people, safeguarding the planet and supporting farmer livelihoods.

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We deliver unique solutions for farmers advancing conservation solutions.

We collect data to provide farmers with insights to support continuous improvement.

We connect the food system to farm-level acre-by-acre conservation efforts.

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